Drabble – Ethereal

I stood on the bridge at midnight as the clocks were
striking the hour, in the exact place, where two years ago, our destiny met. He
was besotted with me, a little too much for an earthly man. Such relationships
are doomed, and yet I succumbed to his charms.
With the final strike of clock, a portal opened. I stepped
towards Olympus, leaving his world.

 β€œA Demigod!! that’s
preposterous.” He stared at his newborn baby girl.
Confused and heartbroken, he couldn’t acknowledge the fact
that his wife was Aphrodite.
Looking back, he wished he knew then, what he knew now. 
Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus (wiki)
Demi GodDemigods are important figures in Rick Riordan‘s Percy Jackson
books, where many of the characters, including Percy Jackson himself
are demigods. In Riordan’s work, a demigod is strictly defined as an
individual born of one human and one divine parent (Wiki)

Prompts – 
Light and Shade 

I stood on the bridge at midnight as the clocks were striking the hourLongfellow


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  1. Oh it's never going to be easy having a relationship with an Olympian goddess – what an intriguing idea. I wonder what is in store for the child and its father now.

    Thanks so much for joining up with the Light and Shade Challenge – I really look forward to reading more from you.

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