The Ultra-Chic Complex

This is a tale of two crazy sisters. The younger one is ultra chic, with ramp-ready hairstyle and sleek heels, surrounded by sweet delicate scent, even though her college days were spent mostly at the rear end of cows and goats. While the elder one is a flappy bird, with flappy clothes and frizzy hair. The elder one would flick younger sisters cool frocks and jeans, and in exchange give her meager green notes. 😛

I tried wearing her extremely fexy heels one day, could hardly make it to the mirror!! I can do a better river-crossing than stride in those insanely high heels.

My sister is my emergency fashion guru. Due to time difference I always end up calling her during unearthly hours, sharing pictures in whatsapp, asking her opinion. She would mumble and grumble in sleep, but would often provide a decent understandable reply.
But the opinions always come at a price, only the bravehearts would endure the criticism she gives.

“What is that gunny bag you are wearing??”
“What’s with all the tyres splitting out of your waist”
“Please for god sake throw those shoes, even beggars wear better shoes than you” – and she was so fed up that she bought me a new pair of red converse 😀
“What’s with that ponytail? Your hairline seems to be receding”
“Is that Kajal or Crow’s feet? “

Yeah she’s brutal, but she’s my sister… she has the birth right 😛 but if the husband tries any of these, he is dead meat 😛

Do you have an Uber Chic Sista??

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19 thoughts on “The Ultra-Chic Complex

  1. Funny post! 🙂 I'm sure your sister means well. I don't have any siblings, but my my mother was often brutally honest in her assessments.

  2. I came to this site via your comment on my post, and read your A-Z posts from U to A, 21 posts, one after the other, and enjoyed all thoroughly!
    I'll visit your blog regularly from tomorrow.

  3. ha ha ha… i can so well correlate here….

    Me and my sis trial in the same trial rooms 😛 Yeah, i know it's crazy.. but who will put that hooks and zippers at the back 😛 once when i was trying our a dress, she was like damn you have a tire in your belly and i was like WTH.. if anyone else would have told that they would be dead 😛 😀

  4. Hahahaha awesome post! We sisters share the same love 😛
    I have been always high on fashion and she has been high on food… And now we make an awesome pair, I love her food choices and rely on her. She loves my fashion sense and value my consent over her choices!

  5. You know you are so right. There are some liberties we allow our sisters (in my case my cousin sisters) that would be just debarred for our other half. Enjoyed your post.

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