The Tee’s and Jeans Squabble

 Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors    

My sibling and I were quite… hmm lets say mischievious.

Both my brother and I had quite the temper. We were like raging fire, figting over things like last strand of Maggi Noodle or that shiny Toffee wrapper.
There’s not much age difference between me and my siblings,and while growing up we were almost of same size and height. So you can imagine what a ruckus we created for clothes. My sister would handwash her clothes  and dilligently iron her stylish tees and jeans and then hide them all. My brother and I would spend hours trying to find the location. I would go for the shirts and he, for the jeans. 
My brother will get all decked up with copious amount of hairgel, nauseating deodrant and her jeans (somehow they were a perfect fit). He would deliberately walk past her and soon as soon she realizes that it’s her jeans, he would jump on his bike and ride away. There would be sparks flying all over the place, while mom would try to calm her down.

Do you too have a story like this?

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16 thoughts on “The Tee’s and Jeans Squabble

  1. ha ha ha I can correlate… I use my lil bro's tees and shirts… and he uses my tees and jackets.. and as of shoes and socks.. god knows who is wearing whose.. now his foot size outgrew mine 🙁 "sighs*

  2. Hahahahahaha! I cant stop laughing on things you have mentioned and images you have shared here!!!! I still have tv remote fights at home and we have to replace broken remote every two months!!! 😀

  3. I have had a lovely childhood at one stage we were about 6 cousins staying together in our house in city to do our studies and each day was chaos 🙂

    Hello , how are you . its been a long time since I was here .


  4. My brother and I were the same way. When he used to tell me to shut up, it drove me up a wall. I'd unplug the cable. Yes I'd suffer a little, but he suffered more.

  5. Hehe, with two elder brothers I was the quiet one but I have seen my brothers fighting like cats and dogs, scratching, pounding and punching each other. What fun I had as audience 🙂

  6. I don't have any memories like this. My sister and I didn't try to do stuff just to make each other anger. Looking back, I think we were perfect 🙂

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