The Love Lunaticism

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 “We all wonder what love is. Is it a feeling, an expression, a thought, an act? Or all of it

He looks at me with those guilty eyes, aware of all his wrong doings. Across the floor lies my 1000 bucks kitten heel ballerina, and yet, when with tiny deliberate steps, he walks towards me, waging his tail and nestles his head in my lap, I go “olelelele kuutchuu muttchuuu… koi baat nahi … it’s ok”

She would pack half her garden, and place it  in every corner of our car. From curd to fish, pumpkin to bananas, not a leaf remains unplucked. They lavish us with the best duck curry made out of the plump duck from her farm and jump into fishery to catch the biggest fish.

We chat on phones all the time, the visits have become rare due to the distance. But whenever I visit them, they make sure I have the best of
what they have. My mother’s sisters and brother are crazy that way.

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21 thoughts on “The Love Lunaticism

  1. Oh yes. This reminded me of my granny, she would all pack so many goodies from the farm and things that she would have made especially for us, whenever we would be leaving! Some lovely memories!!

  2. My extended family is at one place right now and they are having a whale of a time. Seeing the dancing and giggling makes me miss them. And now this. Aah!

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