The Kitchen ‘K’atastrophes

Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors 

I love watching Hannah Montana and Castle
and HIMYM and
well the list goes
one. The trouble begins when my husband starts watching these serials while I
am cooking. As soon as the title song of Castle begins, my concentration
automatically shifts from chopping onions to Castle
s deep blue eyes.
In my kitchen, I have got a hot plate
instead of gas stove, which takes forever to heat up. Usually, while chopping
vegetables, I would turn on the heat. In between frying onions and saut
éing vegetables, I would run into the other
room, steal glances at Castle and run back to the kitchen.
While I wait for the onions to turn golden
brown (which in my case jumps from white to dark brown), I would watch Detective Beckett
handcuff suspects.
Often during these stealing-glances moment,
my timing would falter and by the time I reach the kitchen counter, there would
be a dense black cloud of smoke above the pan. Thus start the process of
coughing , crying and asking my husband to open the windows and doors, lest the
fire alarm goes off.
If you cook Indian food, with lots of
turmeric powder, chilli powder and other spices, you would understand my
turmoil while I try fan away smoke. With watery eyes, itching nose and a
terrible sneezing fit, I would fervently try to cook something edible, while my
husband would watch on, safely standing away from the danger zone, shaking his head.
Sigh!! Castle maybe some other night.

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28 thoughts on “The Kitchen ‘K’atastrophes

  1. Raj – You spoke my mind….I have a hot plate too and come lets hug each other :p I know the pain exactly..It takes forever to cook .I have open kitchen but I still make him not watch TV while I work or help me..Lol Cruel Wife :p

  2. It is really annoying when a serial timings clash with a favourite serial. You just forget the cooking and after the serial is over, resume your cooking.

  3. if you add a TV to the kitchen, that might work, or, just record the program, as others have said. ☺ Castle is one of my favourite shows as well. The actor who plays him, Nathan Filion is from here (Canada).

  4. I had a good chuckle about your Castle Crisis! You're hilarious! So funny and I could totally relate. I've been guilty` of being distracted while waiting for things to cook. Usually I'm checking my Facebook and email on my Mini Ipad while stuff starts to burn and the smoke detector goes off. I can just imagine the smells with all your wonderful Indian spices burning. Wow! That would be something. It's so worth it though, for a glimpse of Castle's/Nathan Filion's blue eyes. Hehehe! Love it!

  5. I have had a few adventures trying to cook. Fortunately I don't have to do it now. But someday, I will (try to) master this art. Along with growing veggies. Nothing to worry – I have a lot of time – 30 years approx 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  6. I think you live in Sydney, Australia. Can't you pre-record the programs to watch at a later time? Also, you said you open the doors and windows. What does your neighbors think about the Indian aroma?

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