The Insanity Aggregation

 I am thankful to God for a lot of things. 

Although my sister was love stricken with every possible
creepy insect, I am thankful that she never went with the guys to catch snakes
or bring home a python. But she had pet snails, placed in a glass tank. She
even named them – Ashley and Cashley.  I have no idea how she differentiated one from
the other. Along with her roomie , with bated breath, she would wait for them to
mate and lay eggs, but unfortunately later they found out that both were males.
How they found out, I have no fricking idea!!
I am thankful for all the lunch conversations where both my
bro and sister would exchange notes on extraction of worms from Goat’s
intestine, visually describing the length, breath, volume and texture of the
worms, while the rest of the family would look on – shocked, with a mouthful of
rice, not sure whether to throw up or swallow it. Why I am thankful, well now
no matter what nasty yucky thing you say, I can eat in peace without cringing.
There was an incident when my sister and dad were travelling
in car and she saw a dead dog on the road. Immediately she exclaimed, “Dad
I want that dog… I want to examine how many worms it had?”
Horrified, my dad drove even faster,”No way I will allow that dead thing in
my car.”

24 thoughts on “The Insanity Aggregation

  1. Awesome post Princess… loved the names of the snails.. brave siblings they are!!! you must be one proud sister !!!
    btw, you are so lucky.. I'd throw up at the mention of anything remotely related to (its lunch time here and I don't want to mention it) 😀

  2. Ah! you survived through a lot!! I would have fainted and that too repeatedly!!! and i loved this picture of you siblings that I can see to my right….captioned one picture from my photo album….

  3. And then she become a biologist! Wow your sister really likes insects and things. I don't really like insects, but I enjoy looking at them, especially the colorful ones! : )

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