The Friendship Ramification

Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors

Day 1 A: The Animal Acquisition 

Day 3 C: The Comparacion Effect 
Day 4 D: The Dandy Dogs Disposition 

My dad had a transferable job, so every 2-3
years we would pack our luggage and relocate to a new place. I don
t know how Mom managed it. The one time I had
to do a major packing, made me so paranoid that my husband had to drop me at a
mall, go back home and do all the packing himself.

While growing up, we never really had many
friends, just the three of us against the world. We would fight, scream, and
break each other
s head, yet stay
together. One of our favourite games was Igloo Igloo. We would make a cave with
quilts on the bed and pretend it was an Igloo. My sister would cook, I will eat
and my brother would become our pet.

I was always the bully and would bribe my sister
to cook delicacies. Her cooking is simply mindblowingly.

One tee for one day, I would put the offer, acting all smart,
trying not to get duped by my shrewd little sis.

Chuck in the magenta shirt
and blue jeans
. She would bargain.

Just the shirt, I would reply sternly.


after 20 minutes, I would be devouring a hot plate of creamy pasta with white
sauce and vegetables.


Don’t forget to meet the Fair Maiden at Poetry Wagon
and walk along Fisher’s Bay 

21 thoughts on “The Friendship Ramification

  1. That photo of the three of you is beautiful. I'm an only child, so sibling relationships are something of a mystery to me… I can't imagine having a brother or sister who's around *all the time*–would probably have driven me nuts as a child. Then again, I probably would've gotten used to it, wouldn't I? And then I wouldn't be so antisocial as an adult 😀

    Great post! And thanks for the visit over at Guilie @ Quiet Laughter — love seeing your name in the comments.

  2. Childhood memories are always sweet. Very nice post.
    Lakshmy I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award.Kindly see my post on this subject. Congrats.

  3. hahaha… Anu as pet … hahaha … I am just imagining the situation where you are the boss bribing Jyoti for food while Anu acting as a pet … hahahah … God look at the pic, me and my retarded sis (which one is you 😉 )

  4. I am laughing out loud at "my husband had to drop me at a mall, go back home and do all the packing himself"!! Wow, you have a gem of a husband, Raj 😀
    Loved the pic of 3 of you fooling around and the quote too… must share it with my sister sometime 😀

  5. What great sibling-fun you all had! Your brother as your pet..that's hillarious! And the part about bartering pasta with t-shirt – superb! Cute picture of the threesome 🙂

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