The Dandy Dogs Disposition

Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors
Day 1 A: The Animal Acquisition 
You know you had an awesome childhood when you’re woken by your pet dog’s saliva laden licks while your sister pulls of the blanket and runs away. To sleep till 7 am on a Sunday morning was like a luxury, that my errant siblings and mischievous pet never let me cherish. If not by my dog or sister, I would be woken up by my brother playing Limp bizkit at a decibel enough to deafen the nearest galaxy.
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While growing up , we always had a dog around us. My first dog Jimmi was found near a railway line and was brought home by mum. Jimmi was just a couple of months old then. Over the years, either my Dad or Mum would adopt abandoned pups. Later on, this trend was followed by my brother who brought in rescued dogs from his veterinary college. 

That’s Lucy

At home, my parents now have an adorable black Labrador named Nikki.

Thats my adorable Nikki

I am so glad that my sister didn’t bring in any pets. Her spider collection still gives me jitters. Not to mention the slimy snails and moths that she was so obsessed about.

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46 thoughts on “The Dandy Dogs Disposition

  1. Aww…so cute! They are gorgeous! Unfortunately my parents never liked having pets…we begged and begged to no avail. I had to befriend the stray dogs on our street. I guess I just grabbed the first opportunity when I could afford to have pets of my own and got the two kitties! πŸ˜€

  2. I am not a pet type of person, but I still enjoyed reading this cute post…especially the line about "deafening the nearest galaxy". You do have a way with words, girl!

  3. All we were allowed to have were guppies and turtles. I did feet the neighbors dog for a few days thinking it was a lost dog, until they claimed it.

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