The Comparación Effect

Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors
Day 1 A: The Animal Acquisition 

I was the most studious out of the three. My brother’s little or no interest in studying used to give my Mom nightmares. The only future that she could envisage for him was as a roadside cobbler. But that was 15 years ago. 
These days my brother is busy doing this 
(that’s my kid brother)

and this 
and the view out of his room is this. 
He studied veterinary science, saved injured Owls, treated cows and dogs and now is an Army Officer, posted in one of the scenic places in India. Yeah, adventure is part and parcel of his job.
While the most adventurous activity that I get to do is kill cockroaches in my home, while my system throws nerve wracking Java null pointer exceptions, in every code I try to compile. A software engineer can always be recognized by a humongous potbelly, which I dreadfully foresee as my future.

Our conversations send me into an abyss of eternal retrospection.  *dramatically looks towards the horizon*
 “What’s up Di, my bro would ask.

 “Nothing much…. Working on a Saturday, fixing defects that I have no clue about. Will grab a crabby dinner on the way back”, I reply, sulking. “What about you?

 “Ohh not as interesting as yours. Just came back from a 10 km run, the clouds look really awesome from here. We have a dinner party in the Mess tonight. One of my friends was a DJ so there’s gonna be some music and dancing too ”. 
Grrrr !!! that little brat just loves to rub it on.


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71 thoughts on “The Comparación Effect

  1. Your brother is an Army officer? Oh wow. Clouds looking awesome, 10 km run, party in the mess… brings back memories. Not that I did any 10 km run 😉 That was the L & M's job 😉
    I must warn the son about the potbelly in the offing. 😀

  2. Woah!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I be his new best friend? This is awesome. And he loves animals………..Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Zillion brownie points already!

    Happy I dropped by. Following you for more.

  3. The view outside the window is excellent. What readers -not me- might think upon reading these posts is – why did the author of this blog choose to become a software engineer when family members chose sensible careers for themselves 😛

    Destination Infinity

  4. LOl!!! 😀 this post had me smiling all through!!!
    except one partttttttttt //humongous potbelly// thisss :|||| spooky spooky!

    Great going Princess!!! ABC looks jhakasss! 🙂

  5. Life in the Army is great, I am from the Naval family and we also have some amazing places we are posted at.You have a lovely family, sibling love reflected in this post.

  6. What a great read this post was. Really like how you write about your family, and you do have one talented family! You included of course 🙂 And I am sure even if your brother had chosen to be a roadside cobbler, he would have done that with such style. I mean look at him, he is one handsome guy! Your parents must be very proud of all their children.

  7. haha.. I know, married to an Army officer, I love the parties too.. and I do rub it on at my lil sis.. 😛 And she keeps telling that all I do is, cooking, eating and attending the parties :O :O Nice post there… 🙂

  8. It is a vice-versa in my case! I go on trips, adventures, deep sea diving, water sports, horse back riding, boat house stays etc and my lil brother is studying engineering! He says he envies me! Anyways, seeing your post I envy your bro!


  9. It's always good when our worst fears for our children's future turn out to be baseless.

    I'm not a software engineer but I can tell you that my many hours sitting at the computer has given me a potbelly, among other detrimental effect.

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