The Boyfriend Recombobulation

Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors
Day 1 A: The Animal Acquisition
So you are in love alls hunky dory. The
flowers smell sweeter, stars a little brighter and violins play around you. You
have found The One, who for some unknown reason thinks you are suitable for
him.  Zap!! That
s when the reality hits hard. How to tell your parents about your
boyfriend? And even tougher is – how to convince them to accept him as their
future son in law?
Dang Dang dang!!!

I was dead scared, I had nightmares of my
dad chasing him with AK-47 Rifle and Mom with dragon chillies. It wasn
t just about caste or creed. My boyfriend was
altogether from a different state, which is still a huge issue in India. Forget
World peace, I had to fight a storm to get married.
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My parents had no inkling about my
relationship, so when I dropped the bomb, I was immediately transmitted in an
overly emotional Indian Masala movie. My Mom would cry buckets, sister who
tried to convince mom would in returned be convinced, but my brother carried on
as usual without raising an eyebrow .Once he intently looked at our faces ,
wondering which team to support 
-thundering Mom or the fire-breathing Sister, sighed and said,
Let me know when the drama ends.
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It was funny how my Dad was caught in
between the Wife and the daughter, both famous for their raging temper. For 6
months my Mom would talk with me, but cleverly avoided the topic of Wedding. If
I tried to raise it, her reply would be,
Let your Dad handle the situation. And whenever she tried to change my mind, I would simply say, Let Dad make a decision”. 

And then we both would call up dad and make
sure his decision was in our interests. My Dad tried to reason with diplomacy,
but then, has ever diplomacy worked with wife or daughter? So he would wake till
late into the night, wondering how to keep the tempest at bay.

But they all changed their mind when they
met him. We got married after two years, but the journey from
Meeting the parents to Wedding day wasnt bereft of any drama.

More on that later. Stay tuned.


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75 thoughts on “The Boyfriend Recombobulation

  1. Loved your story. It made me smile. Recently my daughter has discovered boys and likes a particular one at school. When I mentioned the fact in passing to my husband about how the boy she likes at least seems to like her enough to acknowledge her existence and talk to her, he became unglued. He was ready to pop a bullet in the kids butt. Told her she was too young to even be thinking about it! LOL I had to inform him that it was OK for her to like boys…after all they improve the scenery if they are handsome and make school bearable. 😀

  2. All's well that ends well. I am sure the 2 years must have been pretty trying, but you got your wish in the end and that is what matters. Sweet story 🙂

  3. Yesterday you introduced your super brave Sis, today we came across your super cool brother… this is an uber cool family… waiting for Episode 3 🙂 Yeah its no less than a Sitcom for me 🙂

  4. I was that parent when my daughter wanted to marry her boyfriend from when she was 16. Seven years later they did and I absolutely could not love any son-in-law more. He is a total gem Thank you for reminding me of that

  5. Ah the drama of an Indian family when their daughter announces their love! Totally can relate! 🙂 Waiting for the next Elephant Warriors chronicles! 😉

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