Palindrome – Cosmos

Apart from Shape poetry and Cascade, I love writing Palindrome Poetry. I find them quite challenging and the feel of completing one makes my day 😀

Celestial mysteries beckon

Echoes humdrum dream

Glimmering afar is cosmic time

Subterfuge envelops reason

Swirling masses of

Stardust, nebula, dwarfs

Convoluted enchantments zap

And massive gravity attracts

Remains nothingness


Nothingness remains

Attracts gravity massive, and

Zap enchantments convoluted

Dwarfs, nebula, stardust

Of masses swirling

Reason envelops subterfuge

Time cosmic is afar glimmering

Dream humdrum, echoes

Beckon mysteries – celestial 

Also Known as Mirrored Poetry

A palindrome, by definition, is a word, phrase, verse, sentence, or even poem that reads the same forward or backward.  The carefully placed words form the same sentence, whether it is read forward or backward.

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10 thoughts on “Palindrome – Cosmos

  1. Hello, I was visiting on the A-Z, but after reading such an astounding and brilliant palindrome, I just had to follow. I never knew there was such a thing as mirrored poetry. I'm learning so much.
    So pleased to have met you.

  2. Visiting fellow A to Z ers. This is the most interesting blog I've seen (and, honey, you're around #900…I'll be honest. I'm recuperating from surgery or I wouldn't have the time to visit so many) I thought I knew a lot about poetry but I'd never heard of some of these forms. Plan to be back each day. Hope you'll visit my quirky quotes theme at

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