Lanturne – Lovesong

Theme : Poetry Types  

This poem is about a girl, waiting for her love, who’s fighting in a war far away. She is asking the wind to remind him, of the promise that he made, that he would return back – alive.

carry my
lovelorn song, to
these notes
muffle sounds
of exploding
cries of
fading lives
sooth your aching
remind you
of promises

The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.

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12 thoughts on “Lanturne – Lovesong

  1. this is so sad…..and so true….there are countless such women waiting for their loved one, who is fighting a meaningless battle somewhere….i wish there was no war…and just love….lovely lines btw..


    Your poem is lovely, but I am also commenting to say that another Liz – whose blog address is above – asked me to visit your blog. She loved your poem and found a useful address here, but for some reason can't post comments. I hope this makes sense and that you contact Liz Brownlee.

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