The Reply

Her discomfort was apparent, yet he didn’t stop. She felt
helpless but didn’t want to attract attention of other passengers. This wasn’t
the first time someone had tried to outrage her modesty. The smirk on his face
almost reduced her to tears.

Until, she looked straight into his eyes and replied with a
resounding slap.

55 Fiction

On International Women’s day I dedicate this  post to all the awesome and sassy women out there who stood for themselves and didn’t let lecherous minds get away. I know it takes more than courage to raise your voice against unscrupulous beings. You are an inspiration to  all of woman kind. Kudos to you all.

47 thoughts on “The Reply

  1. Good ending.

    You shouldn't wait for help. Do it yourselves. Even raising an alarm is enough to push him into panic mode.


  2. May her tribe increase and be an inspiration to other ladies. A resounding slap should be 'awarded' to the patriarchal mindset of the society which like termites is eroding the social fabric of our society.

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