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Here I am, kickstarting A to Z Challenge . Hold on to your seats as here comes the first in the series of “Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors”.  This is a funny take on my sibling and her life as a veterinary student.  

Why Elephant Warriors?? Well, Hati (which means Elephant in Hindi) is a part of my surname.  Yeah, imagine living your whole life with Elephant as your surname. More on that later, today ruddy animals will create a ruckus here in my blog.


We grew up with some dandy dogs jumping around us. But our love for the animal kingdom wasn’t just limited to “man’s best friend”. My sister was hell-bent on cultivating a spider farm. She would climb up the roof, catch spiders the size of my palm and place them in bottles with holes. Since she didn’t have a separate desk for her collection, all of them would be stacked on my study table. So instead of solving differential equations, I would be watching spiders devouring their prey. Geeshhhh still gives me heebie-jeebies.

Her stay in the college hostel wasn’t bereft of any ‘pet’ty adventure. She was studying veterinary science. Once when I went to meet her, she happily said, “Di I want to show you something. It’s very very special”. I thought it must be some cozy mushy thing that  “someone special” must have gifted her.  Little did I know that the sight would haunt me forever!! Safely tucked in a box, marked and labeled in her beautiful cursive handwriting, was her Beetle carcass collection. Yeah, bones head and every effing creepy thing.

My sister has quite the skill set. She can paint, dance, stitch goats, fight with kunfu cows, stick her hand in cow’s tussy and is an excellent cook. 
That’s my kid Sister – Life of veterinary student

Although once she started dissecting rats during her holidays, in our living room, Mom, myself, and Mahi(mother’s sister) forbade her to enter the kitchen. 

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76 thoughts on “Of Animals And Beetle Carcass collection | Humour

  1. spider are def. ugh:( could probably handle the carcasses – used to collect bones and skulls myself as a child but spider the size of . . . no, no, no! I like the sound of your sister is she the crazy one or will I discover you are as well? maybe all the elephants are – loved them as a child – have photo of self just after the war riding a baby one. great start to a-z:)

  2. Reading about insects and animals produces a creepy feeling inside me ….I can't stop appreciating the guts and talents of your sister…
    lovely animal account

  3. It's certainly exciting to have such a lovely sister. Animal lovers are the best kind of people, your sister sounds lovely, like you. Great post for the first day of the challenge.

  4. Loved this post, Princess!! Your sis is a rockstar, really!!! 🙂
    //cultivating a spider farm // and Beetle carcass does sound a little spooky for me 🙂 :$

  5. Haha…omg…your sister cracks me up! I'm sure she won't be collecting spiders here in Aus! And you have Hati in your surname…that must have been tough growing up! Great start to the challenge Raj…looking forward to more…

  6. hahahaha! I love your sister's picture and I love your description! She looks every bit the 'animal-person' you have portrayed her to be 🙂 Great write up Rajlakshmi!

  7. Oh wow. What a post to start my A to Z! Yikes, that sight would have given me the heebie-jeebies too! Beetle carcasses.. yew. Such a delightful post though 🙂

  8. Wow! This is the first post that I am kick starting my A to Z Challenge with! I can relate with your sister and the reactions of all of you at home too. My husband is an ardent animal lover too and has no inhibitions in doing anything for animals. In fact, just yesterday, he helped a goat deliver at a friend's farm, while the friend just looked on in amazement!! 🙂

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