Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Ever since we landed in Sydney, my husband and I had decided to visit every tourist place in and around Sydney. Blame our sedentary life in Bangalore, we both were on the verge of turning into the perfect epitome of couch potatoes. The fitness level of people here is amazing. When they talk about running 15 km as casually as eating a biscuit, you get the picture.
So here I am going on every coastal walk which ranges from 6km to 10 km, every weekend.
My favorite walk is Bondi to Coogee beach, because of the exotic views. The trail is excellently maintained. You can find pavements and boardwalks on the ways.
Look I found my perfect spot.



The waves crashing below my feet




A pleasant clear sky, staring back at the ocean




Coogee Beach

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Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

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  1. Bondi to Coogee is a beautiful walk but I am biased and prefer the more secluded ones. My favourite is The Coast Track {27 kms} and is just gorgeous! Love the challenge and the views and well, the fact that it's not as touristy or busy compared to Bondi-Coogee…

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