Sun-tan Dreams

Beneath the midnight blue,
on sandy shores I sleep,
where lions assault for free,
and lambs silently weep,

Caged and sun-tan dreams,
fuel an incessant fear,
wrapped in stripped Kaftan,
a fruitless desire sear,

to hug those stranded moments,
left on fate’s mercy,
a lesson life teaches well
is – smiles don’t come easy.

And one day my mandolin,
will play a tune so strong,
your heart might break with joy,
subliming all that’s wrong.

Dverse poet

17 thoughts on “Sun-tan Dreams

  1. "where lions assault for free,
    and lambs silently weep."
    One of my favorite lines because I can totally relate those lines to today's society.
    BEAUTIFULLY written, Rajlakshmi.

  2. i like the hope of future song such as that…

    you probably did not realize that we changed up the schedule at dverse…its a prompt on tuesdays now instead of openlink…the next OLN will be saturday march 29th…feel free to write to the prompt though

  3. Thank you for visiting the pub @ dVerse. You may not have realized that we changed our schedule. the link to this poem will be deleted as it does not fit the prompt. If you would like to link in tonight to Poetics, please read the prompt and write a response to it. Our next OpenLinkNight will be Saturday, March 29th. Feel free to link this piece then.

  4. You are linking this to dverse – but did you read Anthony's post on what the prompt really was about? Don't just link – read what the prompt is about, what others are writing. That is what the community is about.

  5. @CRD 🙂 my bad I should have explained. This poem is written for the photo prompt from magpie tales. The one with the lion 🙂 and Sunday swirl were I need to include those words in the Poem. I hope the poem makes some sense now… {finger crossed } 🙂

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