Once More

At last I confessed, even
though I was tempted not to. For years, my heart longed for him but never dared
to voice the feelings. After his divorce two years ago, he was overwhelmed by
sorrow. I tried to keep in touch, even though I was forbidden not to. It was a
tough decision to make.


Today is his wedding day.

The pain of betrayal of his first wife used to make
him miserable. But finally, he felt his heart begin to heal. Never did he dream
that love would find him in the form of his ex-wife’s best friend. 

A 100 word story (Drabble)  written for Write Tribe
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

18 thoughts on “Once More

  1. I felt sad for him when I started reading but love the second part when he finally found love when the least expected. beautiful combo, Rajlakshmi and made me feel in love with the stories that touched the heart.
    He understood that some people can be a part of your history but never your destiny!

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