Glenworth Valley Horse Riding

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Nestled in a picturesque valley is a private horse riding center which provides facilities for not only Horse riding, but also Quard biking,
Kayaking, Camping and Abseiling. Acres and acres of beautiful lush meadows
stretch towards the base of the mountain where you can find Emus and gorgeous
horses. The place is situated about 20 minutes away from Gosford station, which
is about an hour away from Sydney.

You can make an  online booking for the activities
you are interested on. We had initially planned to go for kayaking but since we
didn’t pre-book the slot, we opted for Horse Riding and Quard Biking.

I got a lovely horse named Angel. She loves to lead I
presume, because every time a horse stayed behind she would immediately walk in
front. And I had to make sure we don’t crash into the riders coming from opposite

As a first time horse rider, I had an awesome time. Each group had a guide
who would take the troop around the valley. We were going up and down the
terrain for about 2 hours. 

My knees were so stiff that I had to sit for a while
before I could walk again.

The camping site was pretty crowded too. 

Some were partying,
some playing with their kids and some just soaking in the absolutely marvelous scenery.

35 thoughts on “Glenworth Valley Horse Riding

  1. How does it feel to ride a horse?

    Which one is more overwhelming? Is it the tabdik tabdik (horse plodding) sound or the constant pounding on your bum? πŸ˜›

    Awesome pics. You seem to travel a lot.

    Loved reading.


  2. Wow! Horse riding and the environment looks so fitting. I have tried once as a kid to sit on a horse and it walks by along the beach? Those short rounds? But riding is difficult I heard. Good, looks like you had good time

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