Eyes Wide Open

Surviving a meeting
is a serious business.

If the meetings are scheduled before lunch, you may run into
embarrassing situations like The Grumbling Tummy. But meetings after lunch are
just as dangerous. Those are the hours when your sleep cells gather together
and decide to go berserk. Pure Yo Yo style!!

Imagine the manager going on and on about a mind numbingly
boring critical issue, while in the warm dim-lit corner of the room, your head
is about to do a “Oppa Hangman Style” (a notorious activity where the chin is
digging inside the chest, eyes rolled up and mind in stupor. If this position
is left for long, an even serious phenomenon called drooling might occur). In
short, it’s a package deal of embarrassment. This reverie is often broken by a
sudden start, when the person blinks for a while, looks around to see if he is
caught and then fervently tries to cover up by asking questions that leave the
rest of the team befuddled.

To avoid such sleepy situations; I have devised a
super-smart-sleep-removal plan, though it’s not a guaranteed super-proof
method, because often I have found myself woken up by someone directing their
query at me. I would usually react by intently staring at the screen, trying to
look as serious as my small droopy eyes would make me look and then mumble
something in the lines of “I was just wondering if…..

As I was saying, to keep myself awake, I begin by examining
the back of the person sitting in front of me. Now now don’t you raise those
perverted fingers at me! I start with the shirt, is it checked, plain, striped?
From what I have noticed, guys really don’t have much choice after all. (Don’t
count the number of stripes in the shirt; you might just lapse into a coma)

I performed an experiment too, right there in the conference
room, known as The Yawning Circle. See I can be a scientist!! Yahaaa!! The
experiment started when I yawned and observed if it spreads out. Although,
others didn’t need any catalyst to trigger the yawning, they were rubbing off
the tears caused by the constant opening and shutting of the mouth. I wonder if
we can do a Mexican wave of yawning. Even amusing is to notice people stifle a
yawn… ohh the constipated look on their face !!

In between the meeting, I even get time to check and click
my heel. The one in picture is the culprit that made me slip into an awkward
aerobatic position right in the middle of a mall. hmmpphhh where do you find
cobblers in Sydney?

Well, for the time being, I suppose these tips should be
suffice for you to survive the next meeting. Till then keep your Eyes Wide

28 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open

  1. Aha! I always knew you gals checked out guy's butts too…don't gimme that excuse of checking out their shirts….

    You naughty gal, you! 😛

  2. UGH meetings. Such torture! Isn't fascinating how yawns are contagious? They're so weird, too. Scientists still don't agree why we yawn. Cute shoes, btw 🙂

  3. I was yawning the whole day. Caffeine, chocolates, washing face nothing worked. So, here I am reading blogs and trust me blogs, reading, writing keeps me awake 😛 Btw, the post of yours is so realistic and situation post for me 😛

    constipated look on their face !// buaaahah, I tried the yawning circle today also in my morning meeting….

  4. LOL 😀 😀
    i get that a lot.. most of the times i do manage to sleep a wink or two by behaving like m taking notes.. once i was even caught in action during a training session and was asked "Meghana did you get wat i was saying" and i was like "yes yes i do.. i was jus thinking if maybe you know u cud give more examples!" 😛
    haha so yes meetings after lunch are a strict no no!! and a meeting jus before lunch is a definite nono! 😛 not for the grumbling tummy but cos i get irritated if my lunch time is affected! 😛

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