Drabble – Wanderer

“Is there something wrong between you two”, the concern in Mum’s
voice almost made me rethink the decision. But Dad’s approval strengthened it.
He knew I was a dreamer, just like him.
“There’s nothing
wrong Mom.”
“Then why? Can’t
believe he agreed to this!”
, she said staring at my husband.
 “How will you manage alone?”, she whispered.
I didn’t know how to
answer that, for I myself wasn’t sure.

A week later, among
the ancient mysterious ruins, I opened my list and triumphantly ticked Machu
Picchu. Next stop – Kilimanjaro.

For me, the greatest
love of all
was – travelling alone.

Drabble is a 100 word Fiction

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  1. I was going to ask if this is based on a true experience as well…but saw your response to the first comment. Travelling alone is the best! I am going on a solo road trip in May down the south coast. So looking forward to that! Having said that, I am enjoying travelling in general — Machu Pichu is something we are thinking about for 2016… 😀

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