A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I am pretty excited about taking part in April A to Z Challenge 2014 (signup here). This is going to be the first time when I would be continuously writing and blogging for 26 days. It’s like the preparations done before a festival. Cleaning up the widgets, fixing buttons, thinking about a theme, scheduling all posts … phew quite a lot, especially when you got to do this for three blogs. Blame it on the high caffeine intake.

So after pulling out my hair for almost a month I finally came up with a theme for this blog. 

And it is… tadadaaaa… 

Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors
(anything and everything that’s related with my Home, be it family, pets or the old rusting sofa). 

I still haven’t scheduled my posts yet, but when you got to kick your sibling’s haughty asses, you don’t need to be prepared 😛

The first thing I did after deciding on the theme was to call up my sister and ask her if she did any blunder. I want every detail, did she slip and break all the test tubes? Did she break the thousand dollar laboratory machine? Did the cow kicked her again? Ahh it’s gonna be fun 😀

Do jump into my PoetryWagon, a rhythemic theme-reveal awaits you 🙂
and Oh Snap!! My photography blog too 🙂

Fixing up Widgets

I had spend hours and hours fixing the widgets and since I know what a pain it is, here are few tips:

1) Adding a PIN button would enable you readers to pin your pictures in Pinterest. For the code, please check here

2) A tweet button is just as important. Here’s the code which I added in my blog.

36 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

  1. Kicked by a cow, eh? That sounds painful. Two of our dogs went at it yesterday w/a ferocity we've not seen before. But I digress. I LOVE the theme title for this blog's A to Z Challenge!

  2. Home makes us learn a lot of things, some of my best stories are inspired from my home! I think I can expect humor, wisdom, love, happiness and everything this month from this theme!

  3. Oh…. this is contagious, this enthusiasm ! 😀 Love the way you're up to handle the challenge 🙂 All the best, dear. Looking forward to the warrior stories 😀

  4. Interesting theme…I have a feeling we are in for a lot of laughs here next month! 🙂 And I am still in awe that you are blogging across 3 blogs… that's 78 posts!!! :O

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