A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal – Poetry Galore

Before registering my Poetry Blog, I had already entered my Personal (Destiny’s Child) and Photography (Oh Snap) blog for April A to Z Challenge 2014 (signup here)

Yes, I was quite apprehensive and maybe setting a goal too high for myself, but as I have said before, blame it on the caffeine, I decided what the heck… lets go full throttle.

So here I am revealing the Theme for my Poetry Blog –

A-Z Poetry Types

Words would flow A to Z
All’s been done, all’s been said
26 days of verses rhythemic
starting with A, for an Acrostic

I have exhausted my Google search but couldn’t find any poetry type starting with Letter X or Y. These two really boggled me. Darn!!

If anyone know’s Poetry type starting with the two letters please help me out. I might even write a poem on your graciousness 😀

Else left with no option, I might just {pssssttt} cheat on X and Y …. 😛

Hope to see you all in April for a month of intense Blogging 🙂

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22 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal – Poetry Galore

  1. Wow. Three blogs. It must be a lot of caffeine 🙂 But I am sure you will ace it all. Good luck. And I look forward to the verses, especially the ones on X and Y 🙂

  2. Following from A to Z Challenge.

    Ah, then you can be the one who /discover/ forms of poetry that start with "x" and "y". That's what I did with my blog name. I went from making observations about life on my back porch to "Back Porchervations".

  3. I think it all depends what your theme is as to get poetry beginning with not very popular letters.

  4. Hello! Interesting idea for types of poetry! I didn't know that there were so many and so I'm looking forward to find out! Good luck for A to Z!
    Amelia (wordsfromsonobe.wordpress.com)

  5. That's really creative and cool! Looking forward to reading and learning about different poetry types. I'm guessing H is for Haiku. But can't think of anything else…

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