A Cupful of memories

When flicker memories
Sprawled across the time yonder,
Do you still giggle and reminisce,
Our fool-hardy years, I wonder?
For years it didn’t see the sunlight.  Packed in a thick brown cardboard box, it
was safely tucked between layers and layers of clothing. 

I am absolutely inept
at taking care of delicate objects, so when my best friend from college gifted
me this adorable cup, I was extremely scared of breaking or losing it. For
its own good, I hid it in my suitcase, between bed-sheets and sweaters.
From Guwahati to Chennai, Bangalore to Kolkata, it travelled
with me all around the place, but never had I the courage to drink tea or
coffee in it, lest I ruin the beautiful imprint of our friendship.

Last year when I had to relocate to Sydney, besides all the mayhem around tickets, apartment search and the uncertainty that usually revolves around new places, I had to part with half of my luggage. When I took this cup out, and ran my fingers
around the rim, a plethora of memories flooded me.

The picture was
captured during one of our goofy times, in the break before semester exams. Intimidating
algorithms and daunting Data-structures were driving us insane. Our group study
was absolutely useless in making us recall what the lecturer had taught. We were in my hostel room and I don’t
know why or for what reason, somehow we found ourselves playing with my Pond’s
powder. We had placed Bindi on our foreheads and planned to become Sanyasi as
that was the only easy option out from the madness called life.
I couldn’t part with the Cup. There are a little too many
beautiful memories attached to it. And now, it proudly sits in my Kitchen.

If you have noticed carefully, the spelling of Friends is
printed wrongly. That wasn’t deliberate and I had noticed it years later. Maybe
that’s how friendships are meant to be; to ignore faults and differences and
cherish the glory of each other’s company.

I tag – Rohini, Sree and Meghana

This post is my entry for the ‘My Most Memorable Memento’ contest conducted by My Yatra Diary travel blog and Indian Coupons.

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  1. One gets so many gifts from school/college friends but to cherish one and save it for years and carry it along speaks volumes for the abiding friendship between you two.Nice one.Does she have a similar cup?

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