The grumbling Tummy Tale

The list of all embarrassing moments in one’s life is never
ending, while the intensity of embarrassment may range from rolling-eyes-normal to

Remember when your parents introduce you to a strange padosi-wale(neighbourhood)
Uncle Ji and you wonder what to do with your hands. Should you fold them, or
hold them or place them sideways or just unscrew and put them away.

In my case it’s my stomach. I tell you, it’s a pushy
attention seeker. If that’s not enough, it has an in-build voice alarm system. You
will be surprised by my tummy’s supersonic decibel range, crossing sound
barriers, enough to rock the whole cubicle. Ahhh such a ruckus it creates.

Imagine a conference meeting scheduled right before lunch.
While we are brainstorming over a highly critical issue, my stomach finds it
the best time to practice dying.

Karook Karook … gurrrr gurrrand ten pair of eyes would be
staring at my tummy. I don’t even know where it learnt to make such alien
sounds. Maybe I should stop watching Dr Who. One day it might wake up and shout
Intruder Intruder Intruder.  

The “alienity”
of these sounds varies depending on the silence around me. The more the
silence, the more it grumbles, and the more crimson my face become.  I feel like digging a hole and jumping straight
into it.

My dear friends, hell hath no fury like a tummy starved!!!

14 thoughts on “The grumbling Tummy Tale

  1. Very amusing. I have heard this grumpy sound from the tummies of people seated beside me in meetings.Thank God I am spared of this uneasy sound.

  2. This may sound a little odd, but if you punch yourself fairly hard in the stomach, it stops. Tried and tested (unless you have an aversion to punching yourself).

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