Shape Poetry – Memories

Walking down the memory lane, in this shape poem.

girl shape poem
I dream of silver stars and billows cottony,
tied delicately in bows
and sprawled beneath,
Dancing, gliding,
I paint my dreamscape,
 dripping my brush in
palette of life – vibrant
and rejuvenated, 

with giggles of summer days
and warmth of winter morning,
I tie a wreath of
silken solitude,
on my door.
The moon would sprinkle
silver dust,
 borrowed from celestial past,
cosmic ages ago,
when chasing butterflies with
fluffy white lambs,
was all I had to do.
Memories may haunt me down,
but I would cherish and hug them,
like an old friend. 
Sitting by the lake
we will chat,
about years gone by.


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20 thoughts on “Shape Poetry – Memories

  1. oh teri!!!!
    you always boggle me with your shape poetry.. glad to see you're getting back with all these poems!!
    its ekdum fataaanggg as usual!! 😀 😀 😀 loved the cute innocent gal you have created with those godawesome words there! 😀

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