Lovelorn Cocklebur

A spirited butterfly giggled by,
waltzing in delicate swings,

sighed the lovelorn cocklebur,

Her wings glittered in auburn hues
in contrast to his sepia woes,

a spirited butterfly giggled by,

she swept horizon with silver dreams,
and laughed along besotted twilight
waltzing in delicate swings,
peeping through a corner weed ,
he longed for her moony glimpse,

sighed the lovelorn cocklebur.

Poetry Form – Cascade


Definition from Shadow Poetry:

Cascade, a form created by Udit Bhatia, is all about receptiveness, but in a smooth cascading way like a waterfall. The poem does not have any rhyme scheme; therefore, the layout is simple. Say the first verse has three lines. Line one of verse one becomes the last line of verse two. To follow in suit, the second line of verse one becomes the last line of verse three. The third line of verse one now becomes the last line of verse four, the last stanza of the poem. See the structure example below:

a/b/c, d/e/A, f/g/B, h/i/C

To make the Cascade an even longer poem, use more lines in verse one. For example, if verse one has 6 lines, the poem must have seven stanzas so that each line of verse one is reused as a refrain in each following stanza (a cascading effect).

14 thoughts on “Lovelorn Cocklebur

  1. So beautiful πŸ™‚ I really love the beauty in the poems you have linked up so far. Really looking forward to your next one. Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x

  2. cocklebur was new word to me.. I think that the form, has a little be of the same melody of a villanelle… (one of my favorite forms).. I got the feeling of a summer garden…

  3. I like the idea of a butterfly giggling. And how many poems are there about cockleburs? Not many, I'm guessing.

  4. ekdum jhakaaaasss!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    i like this style… shud try sometime…
    muje koi pic de de is ke liye.. challenge ki tarah use karke likhti hu πŸ˜€

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