Leap of Faith

I have been writing so many tragic stories that my sister has stopped reading 🙂 so here’s something on lighter note.

A 100 word story (Drabble) for photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers, including prompt Lunch from velvet verbosity and prompt Misunderstood from Five Sentence Fiction… all in one


“This can’t continue”, she whispered into the phone, “they are coming for lunch today and going to fix the date, do something … immediately”.
The urgency in her tone didn’t leave any room for misunderstanding; they both knew it was now or never.

The plan he charted for her escape sounded absolutely ridiculous but she wasn’t left with much choice.
As he drove the truck, carrying hay, right below her window, she took a leap a faith, to be together with the love of her life.


Rashmi smiled, after narrating the story, while her daughter looked on with wondrous eyes.

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  1. Hey, talk about killing two birds with one stone: You did three and did it well. And I don't care how many kinds of fiction are produced every year, I still believe that the story of true love overcoming all obstacles to win the day is still the best story ever told.

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