55 Fiction – Await

The siren of police cars still echoed in my ears. A deep
brown stain was visible on the floor, where she had breathed her last, in a
pool of blood.
Afar, I saw him grieving.
These memories might haunt me. How I wished he hadn’t betrayed my love.
And now revenge was awaiting him too.

Update – my friends were totally confused with my story… Blame my dodgy writing style ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope it makes sense … thanks megz

22 thoughts on “55 Fiction – Await

  1. Got the story the first time – someone found her partner with another woman, killed the woman who's now bleeding on the floor, dead. The police are coming and the protagonist says revenge is awaiting her partner too. Is she going to tell the police he killed the other woman, frame him? That would be perfect revenge on him:-)

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