Nail Polish-a-holic

My obsession with nail-art is driving Hubby bat crap crazy.
The other day I have been painting and repainting my nails for about 5 hours.
My house smelled like a major toxic zone. When Hubby walked in, he almost
choked. With a dazed expression he could only mutter, “You know a normal man
would ideally die in these conditions” before dashing off to his friend’s room.

Well, that’s my new trick to attain
solitude and peace – open a strongly scented bottle of nail polish remover.

What’s with guys and their cars!! The other day I changed the position of rear-view mirror to admire my freshly painted glittery nails, he turned into a tomato-faced Humpty Dumpty.
I have to say, I spend hours drawing and searching for that
one perfect design. It has always been like this. Be it blog design, cover
design, quilling design – I don’t find peace until I have scrolled back and
forth through thousands
of sample.
The problem doesn’t stop there. Imagine doing this in a
supermarket!! During good days, I would scroll through every item on every row
of every shelf. Sometimes I would just stand there and read recipes and
ingredients of each ready-to-eat meals. Yeah, my definition of awesome quality time is screwed. Now now!! before Men-folk proceed to
banish me to the asylum at the end of the universe, hear me out. I do this
alone. I never drag my husband along  for such madcap-grocery-shopping. 

See I am a good person, insane – but good. 😀

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