A day at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Last Saturday I visited Taronga Zoo. Surrounded by water
and overlooking the amazing Sydney cove, Taronga zoo is a wonderful place to
spend time with family and kids. It has finest collection of native animals as
well as exotic species. We bought a Ferry pass that included the Zoo ticket from
Circular Quay. 

The boat crosses Opera house and from a distance you can see two
iconic marvels – Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, together

The ferry took about 15 minutes to reach Taroonga zoo.
Since we already had the ticket, we took the Skyrail to reach the entrance.

And then started our meet with some amazing wild life creatures.

We first went to the Reptile zone.
now he’s quite conscious of being photographed

Bearded Dragon 
need a shave , maybe

 Eyelash Viper 
I didn’t wait to find out why she’s called that.

Fijian Banded Iguana 
nice camouflage buddy

 Fijian Creasted Iguana 
Look at that… trying to shy away from paparazzi 

Zila Monster
ohh the patterns on it’s body is so beautiful and intriguing.

Green Iguana
 now he looks really grumpy 

Green Tree-Frog
loved his camouflage too, but dear cut down on oil … you look really slimy

Komodo Dragon
he’s throwing some serious look my way

Sailfin Lizard
I love him… gorgeous 

Barbary Sheep
So what if it’s a sheep, those horns would keep me miles away

The large species of anteloped found in Africa. Long way from home huh

 Mr Giraffe is really really tall

The Seal Show 
Mitchi’s act was so adorable 😀

Komodo Dragon 
He tried relaxing on that sunny afternoon but his fans just won’t stop cliking photos

Spiny Leaf Stick insect
Don’t mistake it for dry leaf… gawd.. they really know how to mix with their environment

Sumatran Tiger

They are one of the smallest species of tiger but just as regal and gorgeous. And sadly endangered.

After looking at these wondrous creatures, human beings seem so colorless and boring.

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