55 Fiction – Selfish

Theirs was a smooth relationship, but little did she know
that compromises are priced heavily.
The white coat reminded of promises made – to herself. Yet, she was reluctant. He was her soulmate.
The roaring waves reflected her inner turmoil.
β€œI am so selfish”, she thought.
For once, Sheena let the sand slip between her fingers.


The story is open to interpretation. Sheena might have
been selfish and left her love for her duty as a doctor, or she was selfish and
left her duty for the love of her life. Well, I hope I am making sense.
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Prompt – Little Did she know.

15 thoughts on “55 Fiction – Selfish

  1. One of the best stories (and sometimes the most frustrating ones) are those that leave the readers guessing at the end. The readers interpret (or choose) according to who/what they are.
    As far as this story is concerned, I only hope she did not regret her choice, years later.

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