The Roach Attack

We have relocated to a new apartment. Everything looks pretty good, except for the darned
cockroaches crawling on the ceiling. Even after finishing 2 cans
of Mortein Spray, the roaches show up at odd times. Such
stubborn Sydney pests! Like when I am cooking, they would stop by to say ‘Hi’,
right next to the stove. Since pesticides didn’t help, I decided, I’d do things
Now I have
adorned the Desi Style of Killing – with Chappal. Chatak Chatak.
Often late into the night you would find me
roaming around the dim lighted house, with a sandal in my hand. 

8 thoughts on “The Roach Attack

  1. Lol.. I had moved to another apartment on Saturday and I had waged a fight till death match with the roaches.. Luckily wife was there as a watcher so finished them all though was in coughs after that encounter .. May they rest in peace! 🙂

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