Photo Blog – Sydney Aquarium

I went to Sydney Aquarium last month. The sea world is bewitching. Have a look at some of the weird yet amazing lives living underwater.

Seems Long neck turtle is in serious conversation with the Fishy 😀

Ahhh the lazy Sea Horses

I was amazed by this beauty – Leafy Sea Dragon

and its cousin -Weedy Sea Dragon. So mesmerizing!!!

The glamorous Moonjelly – they changed their color every second.

Seems she is making a face at me 😛

Yellow Stripped Cardinal Fish

One of the main attraction of Sydney Aquarium – Dugong

These beautiful spidery creatures are called – Banggai Cardinalfish 

Copperband Butterfly Fish

Remember Dory from Finding Nemo – It’s called Blue Tang

A view of the huge aquarium

Royal Gramma Basslet

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