A Despair of Demons by Cassy Campbell – Book Review

Author – Cassy Campbell

Summary of the book (From Goodreads)

It’s the first book of the Travelers seriesLiv is a cognitive
neuroscientist and Traveler for the Department of Parallel and Otherdimensional
Travel, a top-secret black-ops program run out of Area 51. In a parallel world
she meets a mysterious Traveler named Elachai. He claims he’s running from
demons, the obviously mythical denizens of a world so awful it’s called Hell.
Then he wipes her memory and vanishes. Her team rushes to determine what Elachai
did to her—and how. But even with her advanced knowledge, she finds no answers.
And as for demons? There’s no proof they even exist.

Then demons attack
Liv’s team, and their existence is pretty thoroughly proved. The team learns
the demons are on a warpath to conquer worlds, commanded by the leader they
call the Wolf. Her team must stop them before they conquer all the multiverse.
But it’s pretty hard to stop practically immortal beings who are impervious to
bullets, especially when their leader knows more than he should about Home
World’s allies.

When they find out
Home World is next, Liv and her team are frantic to learn how to stop the
demons before they can invade. But confronting the Wolf is more dangerous than
they know, and to succeed, Liv will have to confront another kind of demon—one
from her past—on his own ground: Hell.

My view

Since I am huge fan of sci-fi
novels, I enjoyed reading the book. The plot revolves around my favourite topic
– parallel universes. The book has action, comedy and romance too. I loved Liv’s
character the most. Strong willed, fierce attitude and not to mention super
talented, she definitely is now in my list of favourite fiction characters. The
ending leaves you in a cliff-hanger and I can’t wait to get a copy of the next
 I loved how the author called a group of demons as Despair like how a group of fish is called school. It’s so appropriate and so witty.

The story runs in a smooth
pace. The narration is visually descriptive and sometimes it feels as if you
are watching a movie. However towards the end, I felt the story was a little
rushed. The plot could easily have been split into two parts.

Rating – 3 out of 5 stars.

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  1. From the sounds of your review maybe the author was coming close to deadline so they rushed the ending? Still sounds like a captivating book. Thank you for the compelling, honest review! ♥

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