55 Fiction – People

She was betrayed and thrown out of the house. Jury took away
her son. Parents disowned their divorced daughter.

Her pleading eyes had met stony stares. They just kept
watching – the People.

She didn’t falter.

Today, she received the Budding Entrepreneur award.
Newspaper ran page long story on her life. They applauded – the People.

18 thoughts on “55 Fiction – People

  1. was just viewing a picture on facebook of how decades ago, Osama was considered a freedom fighter against the Russians and there were 'Hang Mandela' posters made by the present UK Pm when he was young.. it showcased just that: how perception changes.

    Once you become successful, the same ones who stoned you will applaud you

  2. People will only find fun watching your life turn upside down. You can't expect anything from anyone in you bad times. But in good times, everybody will be singing highly of you to get benefited.

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