10 Commandments of Murphy’s Law

1) Thou
eyes shall start itching the moment thou finishth chopping chillies.

2) Thou
shall be assigned high priority critical defects, the day thou decideth to
leave early.

3) Thou
queue shall be the longest and slowest of all.

4) Thou
can doodle all day long with thy pen, but the moment thou requireth to write
down a number urgently, by almighty’s grace, the pen won’t workth.

5) The
more carefully thou keep thy things, the more difficult they art to find.

6) The
day thou leave office early to go home and indulge’th in a hot bubble bath with aromatic
candles lighted all around, thou shall get stuck in a delayed train with
nowhere to go.

7) The
day thou decide to dress up and look gorgeous, thee Crush shall be on leave.

8) Unliketh
other days, the moment thee decideth to sit down and readth in the train, thee
shall get squeezed between a sick guy coughing non-stop and weird guy talketh to

9) The
day thee decideth to wear white, the sky shall part and pour nonstop.

10) The more thou try to avoid Murphy’s laws, the stronger they attack.

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