The Smell of Old Books

gripping tales of fading yore
mysterious realms of Gondor
between the tinted pages
wizards, Chirons and a few curses
Secretly reading Nancy Drew,

and Hardy boys to name a few,
Placed within mathematics guide,
to be hidden from Mommy’s sight

is the smell of old books

few succeed in changing outlooks

too sometimes borrow
sighs of a printed sorrow
I am still a huge fan of paper books. The crisp fold of
paperbook, earmarked and sometimes pale, the aroma of newly bought binded
cover, the exchange between friends; these are the simple pleasure of a
book-o-holic. All my favourite books have a special place in my memory. Some I
read tucked in bed listening to the raindrops against the window pane, while
some kept me hooked till early morning and few were read in secrecy while a
major production issue was being discussed by team.

Agreed E-books are portable and they have their own
advantages, but since I am an emotional fool who is blind to practicality love the
feel of turning pages in real than on 4.3 inch screen πŸ˜› 

One more reason I love books is the awesome bookmarks that I get to use. Here’s one that I made few months back πŸ™‚

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