Smarty Siblings – Duh!!!

This is my 400th post
😀 One more reason to rejoice.

Past few weeks have been super-special
for me and my family. Super Duper Touchwood 😀

My brother will soon be completing his
Army training. To see him (virtually ofcourse) smartly dressed up in Khaki
uniform and the gorgeous stars, makes my heart swell up in pride. He ventured
into a field that serves a motherland on whom everyone else has given hope on.
Words are not enough to describe how proud I am of my kid brother who
materialized his childhood dream.

My sister is doing her PhD in one of
the most prestigious colleges in India and she recently won Young Scientist
award in a science convention. Boy, if she acquires any more degree I might
just dig a hole and jump in. She gets to do all those cool laboratory
experiments with those super-serious expressions. The only time I get a
super-serious expression is when the manager tells me to work overtime on weekends.

When you got siblings from such varied
supercool fields, conversations are never easy.

Bro – Di I am just coming from a
non-stop 5 km run, gotta freshen up in the swimming pool and will then head to
mess for Dinner. We gotta a party today. What’s up there?

Me- Well you see, its Saturday. So I am
stuck in office, running miles with a bug whose fix is no-where nearby. I might
just grab a crabby burger while going home. In case I go home.
Bro – Sounds exciting!!!
Me – You sarcastic little {beep beep}

Sis –Oh Di, the research paper is
killing me, the DNA of goat mixed with
…something something and it
resulted in blaah blaah blahh …. the chromosomes to blehh blehh blehh … 
while my thesis on  I am so busy Di.

Me – {Wide eyed} … I got it beta I got
(yeah suddenly I feel like an old toothless hag from the previous century)

Me proudly announcing to my friends – you know my sis
got Young Scientist award.
They- woww… cooll… What did she do?
Me – (thinking for a while) … well ummm some
science thingy she presented
I don’t think I can dip any lower in
dumbness. Why do I sound just like Penny?

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  1. hi friend how r u? sorry I could not be in touch for gearing up for am important, happy family event in feb..dear blog friends like you are always in my mind..thanks for all the encouragement:)

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