Night of The Purple Moon – Book Review

Night of the Purple Moon is book 1 of 1 in The Toucan Trilogy.

You can read it as a standalone book too. The second part – Colony East is already in stores.


Abby, 13, is looking forward to watching the moon turn purple, unaware that deadly bacteria from a passing comet will soon kill off older teens and adults. She must help her brother and baby sister Toucan survive in this new world, but all the while she has a ticking time bomb inside of her–adolescence. (Parental discretion advised for readers 13 and under)
The story revolves around how the children of her town group together and make a living without the guidance of any adult. Their only hope to survival is the antidote prepared by a group of scientists in a highly secured facility which the lethal space dust couldn’t penetrate. 

My opinion

I loved the story for it’s originality – a post apocalyptic world where the only survivors are young children who haven’t hit puberty yet. There are some moments in the book that breaks your heart, like when kids reaching puberty begin to die. I was surprised to realize how in some way the plot is quite dark. The story progresses at a constant pace, where each character gets time to evolve, but isn’t slow either. I liked Abby’s character the most. Her level minded behavior and cleverness in times of such trauma makes you appreciate and at the same time wonder about the maturity of such a young girl. 

The final journey to get the Antidote is adventurous and gripping, keeps you hooked till the end.

The book specifically addresses YA readers. So those who love reading books under this category might try grabbing a copy of this one.
About the Author

Scott Cramer has written feature articles for national magazines, covered school committee meetings for a local newspaper, published haiku and poetry, optioned a screenplay, and worked in high-tech marketing communications. His pursuit of a good story has put him behind the stick of an F-18, flying a Navy Blue Angels’ fighter jet, and he has trekked through the Peruvian mountains in search of an ancient Quechua festival featuring a condor. Scott and his wife have two daughters and reside outside Lowell, Massachusetts (birthplace of Jack Kerouac) in an empty nest/zoo/suburban farm/art studio with too many surfboards in the garage.


I have received a copy of this book courtesy of LibraryThing in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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