How to talk to girls – The Newspaper Experiment

Now now, my orientation hasn’t changed 🙂 This experiment wasn’t done by me but by a friend J.
It all started when after office, J’s friend dragged him to a confidence-building/how-to-make-friends kind of workshop.

Armed with enough knowledge to make friends for the next seven lives, J was bursting with enthusiasm. Standing at the platform, waiting for the train, and the newly taught lessons swirling around his mind, he noticed a lady standing next to him. As the fate may be, she caught the same train and the same seat as J’s.

Whispering a thousand prayers and with heart hammering against his chest, J decided to experiment with the new found Gyan. He wrote the following on a piece of newspaper and passed it to the girl.

And guess what, she wrote Yes ( which you can clearly see on the paper 😛 ) and the two started chatting.

Before your mind starts working overtime, let me tell you, this was plainly experimental and once their respective stops came, they got down. You see, you can still make friends without any implications. 

{Note- the last para is for the benefit of J’s wifey :)}

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