Easy Nail Designs

So I have been doing quite a few experiments on my nails. I am really not good at this but then I can’t help my obsession with nail polish 😀 

I spend hours Googling and searching for designs of my ‘caliber’, which is a  futile attempt I tell you. There such amazing and beautiful designs, if only I had the talent!! More often than not I end up making designs of my own. Like the one below, I was trying to do something else and it turned into this. 

Seems the Leopard print is the in-thing these days. All over the internet I see varied variety of leopard prints being shared and posted. But when I saw a girl at the train station wearing the same, I couldn’t stop from trying it myself.

And here’s one more variety of the first design.

For the last two designs, I used Elle 18 Nail Pop shade 60
For top coat – Cutex Quick n Go 

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