BAD2013 – Blind Perceptions

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Strange are the ways of a man, stranger that of a women. 

Doesn’t it occur to anyone how just one body size has dominated all other sizes
for such a long time? Who said black magic doesn’t exist? Else how will you explain
the worldwide phenomenon where the intellectual side of human brain turns into
a vegetable when they start judging people by the distribution of adipose
tissue in their body and the size of their mammary glands?
One size to rule them all, One color to blind them,
One skewed brain to bring them all and in the darkness bind
In the Land of Mortals where the Shadows lie
Yean I am a nerd and this parody of The Ring from LOTR
somehow perfectly defines the obnoxious obsession of humans with perfect body
type and skin color. Feeding on this insanity are consumer industries and
media, propagating the belief that among thousands of women with varied sizes,
36-24-36 is the best. And they even have got a perfect color for you.
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of all?
If you want a bride with skin tone that could blind you,
then why not marry a bajaj tubelight?

Above all, it’s not the
craze behind the size and color that drives me nut and I have no qualms against
those who want to keep themselves in shape. But the nonsensical judgement that
have been passed from centuries like a grandma’s recipe which makes people turn
a blind eye to the talent, charisma and beauty of a person who doesn’t fit into
the criteria of perfection.

What makes a guy
reject a girl citing weight as the reason and in not so subtle manner? The
exact words being “baby elephant”. And this is a true story.
The insensitivity of
people, the snide remarks and the constant comparison with their so called
perfect counterparts baffles me. Are we so shallow that we let an attribute as
minor as skin color veil our perception and disregard the compassion a person
could hold? 

Whenever I read comments like these, I feel like going on “Texas Chainsaw massacre” spree. What the hell is wrong with our species? Aren’t we supposed to have a brain known to be complex and smartest of all?

The numerous
cosmetic brands that claim to liven lost confidence by turning your skin
into pristine moonlight shimmering like a character from twilight, are thriving
just because of your f**ked up opinions. 
How about just being
human for a while, accept and appreciate people for what they are? 
And to tackle those who still can’t get their biased thoughts straight, 

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9 thoughts on “BAD2013 – Blind Perceptions

  1. It's revolting how people are judged on account of skin color or weight. It's revolting and what's shock me most when magazines refer to, dusky beauty.' Such terminology permeates discrimination. Well written, Rajlakshmi.

  2. @Indu
    yeah, the beauty within is shadowed by the artificial beauty
    Thank you for visiting

    this fact shocks me too, how the educated have such biased opinions. Thanks a lot.

    yeah we do. Thanks you so much visiting

  3. Unfortunately, I think a lot of it comes from the Disney films. I was recently ranting about this exact issue. I used to really care about what people thought of me but now I just care about how I feel. If I feel good then I have confidence.

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