The Hopeless Taekwondo Kid

I made this in MSPaint, a copy of a sketch I found at DeviantArt, Full credits to the original artist.

It reminds me of the Taekwondo/Self Defense classes I took in college. If only I had continued…. Sigh

Those were some fun times. We were quite a lazy bunch of girls and our daily dose of exercise only involved carrying buckets of water from Hostel Matron’s house to our respective rooms (story of most of the college hostels in India). My room was on first floor, carrying two buckets of water  everyday – across the lawn, up the slippery stairs – was more than enough to fill my quota of physical exercise.

So initially when we started with Taekwondo classes, our muscles were so sore that walking to the college itself became chore. Not to mention the ordeal of going to Indian style toilets. 😛 

I used to practice my kicks and punches on pillow, so you can imagine how “effective” they were 😛

Whenever I visited home, I would bribe my younger sister to hold the pillow and stand, while I punched and kicked. Well it used to last for just 30 secs. The moment I become ready with my second punch, she would throw the pillow and run like crazy. I never tried this with my younger brother. Hitting him was like hitting a brick wall and had to stop before I did some permanent damage to my limbs. 😛
I would sometimes try practicing front kicks, but seems old age is catching up fast. And life in IT has only accelerated the aging process of my limbs.

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