Pet Tails

Over the past 6 years I have had my share of experience with a wide range of pets. We are a simple family where the craze for animals is sometimes on the borderline of insanity. And it doesn’t help when the two siblings are veterinary doctors.

So let me introduce you to some of the sane members of our family.

Lucy and Lassy – The Ducks

These were my Mummy’s pet which were supposed to end up on our dinner table. She was besotted to them, watching their antics all day long. I was on one of my vacation trips when one morning I was woken by a ruckus of bow bows and quack quacks, only to realize Mom had made our front-yard an old Mac Donald farm. 

They stayed with us for sometime and then Mom gave them to her sister who has  in actual sense ‘a farm’.

Zack – the Goldfish

We had six of them but sadly they died and only Zack was left. My roommate and I used to take care of this pretty little thing


She was rescued by my brother. He brought her from Guwahati to my parent’s place. We took care of her for few months after which my Dad gave her away to a family.

Sirius – The little Devil

I got Sirius last year. This adorable little creature was just 5 weeks old. I had to give all my soft toys to keep him company. Taking care of him was like taking care of a stubborn baby. I don’t remember sleeping for weeks. Every night I would bring his bed next to mine, and keep my hand on his hand. Ohh the cramps I had!!! If somehow my hand slipped from his head, he would whimp and cry. Sometimes I won’t even understand why he was crying. Often at the middle of the night I would end up asking him – Toilet jana hai … Bhook lagi hai kiya …. 

He has turned into one handsome creature. I used to go for a run every saturday/sunday with him. It was heart breaking when I had to leave him at my hometown with my parents as I was relocating.

Nikki – The Black Labrador

This beautiful creature is the most obedient and understanding dog I have ever seen. Earlier she stayed with my brother in his hostel. After he completely trained her, my parents brought her home and now she’s more than a part of my family. A complete darling she is.

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  1. Nice and warm anecdote with beautiful personal touch. We had two dogs when I was a child – it was a great pain for the entire family when they expired. Our family didn't have the heart to bring in another pet.

  2. Hi,

    One of the cutest post I have read in recent days.

    Every one mentioned there are adorable, personally Sirius is my favourite 🙂

    Following your blog for more cute pet stuffs.


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