Of Nails and Direction-less

As soon as I saw these nails on Pinterest, a bulb lit over my head. For someone with zero sense of direction (read who needs GPS to locate her cubicle) these are just perfect. And I can even try storing emergency contact numbers 😀 
I must have hit my head somewhere to have all these weird ideas

I tried doing something with my nails too. Seems not only I am hopeless in direction, my nail-art talent is hopeless too.

Ahhh copying the template from some-e-cards, I made the above for my blog. As long as I have a story to tell, I don’t mind my life being ‘perfectly’ insane 🙂

2 thoughts on “Of Nails and Direction-less

  1. When I saw the first pic, I thought you have done something similar to your nails. 😀 I was wrong!

    Your nail-art talent is still way better than mine. Believe me on this! My nail paints goes everywhere besides my nails. True story!

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