Foodie’s Delight – Octopus to Cakes

I had ordered a Teriyaki Seafood Noodles and along with all kind of creatures that I have never seen or tasted before, popped up a baby octopus. Cooked of course. 😀 Since it looked kinda creepy I made all four of my friends eat each tentacle, which was a bad idea as once they were done, the next thing my husband did was take a huge chunk of Octopus’s tentacles and make me eat it. It was sort of sweet. Don’t ask me what those white things are, I have no idea and I fear what it might turn out to be. 😛

Fish and Chips at Sydney Fish Market. I love the fishes here, but not the fries. Let me tell you, the fries in India are way way better than these thick bland boiled potato which they pass as fries.

An assorted fruit box is placed in my office every alternate day. And I am having a feast of Kiwis 😀

Last week employee appreciation week celebrated at my client’s office. I was lucky to be part of it. They had placed huge arcade games and pool table in break out area for a week. On the last day of celebration, the CEO had ordered this cake for all the employees 😀

Not to forget the free lunch we got on Friday 😀

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