Day 3 – Favorite Travel Destinations

I love to travel and each time I visit a place I take my time to assimilate into the new environment. The difference in culture fascinates me, I love studying the landscape, architecture and vegetation of the place. 
Here’s some of my favorite Travel destination 🙂

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort -Jane Austen

With sprawling Tea Gardens and refreshing views, Assam is the land of Blue Mountains and Red soil.

The below picture is clicked at Meleng Tea Estate – Jorhat District

Tippi (Arunachal Pradesh)

There are places that are pure poetry. If Kerala is God’s Own Country, then Arunachal is God’s Own Heaven. The land of dawn-lit mountains will leave you breathless with it’s mesmerizing beauty. 


Below is a picture of Nohkalikai falls – the tallest plunge waterfall in India.

Barachukki Falls

Those in Bangalore and surrounding areas, this is a lovely place to spend time with family, friends and kids. I went for team outing and had the time of my life 😀


Some fond memories are associated with Goa. It was my first road trip (from Bangalore). I did wind-sailing for the first time, went for river cruise, rode a jet-ski, watched dolphins and almost tried to drown myself in Banana Boat. 😛 Ohh I had a fun-filled vacation in Goa. 


I loved the liveliness of the place, there were thousands of people on the beach that day to watch the sunset. More than the westerning sun it was the whole atmosphere I loved.

A view of two famous monuments – Vivekanand Rock and Thiruvalluvar statue


Now Now, I can’t do injustice to the place where I live in 🙂 Sydney’s population is so diverse that it’s hard to find Australians here. There are people from everywhere. It’s like everyone thought of living in Sydney at the same time.

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  1. Couldn't help but notice that 6 of the 7 destinations were from India…that speaks volumes for how much you have travelled within India itself.

    Nice post, awesome pics…

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