Photo Blog: Beautiful Waterscapes in India

After spending a substantial time looking for a topic, I have finally decided to go with the theme “Water“. And yes, it’s again going to be a photo blog.  
So here are some of my favorite Waterscapes clicked at seven different locations in India.
Before we start our journey, let me take you to the edge of a waterfall. It was quite a thrilling experience to stand at the top of a gushing waterfall. 
Shillong Eco Park (Meghalaya)
This is one of my most cherished photographs. I had never done anything like this before, so the excitement was ten folds. We were surrounded by mountains and clouds and all things that every nature lover could dream of.
Shillong Eco Park (Meghalaya)
As I said yesterday, I had a whale of a time at Barachukki Waterfalls, near Bangalore. Quite a beauty it is. Multiple waterfalls cascading down the mountain!! It was hard to imagine that a place like this existed in the outskirts of a busy city like Bangalore.
Barachukki Waterfalls
Jog Waterfalls, Shimoga (Karnataka)
It is the second tallest plunge waterfall in India after Nohkalikai Falls (in Shillong). 1400 steps from the car park would take you down, to the base of the waterfall. The climb up was quite challenging, mostly because I was definitely not in the best of my shape. 😛
Jog waterfall india
Meenmutty Waterfalls, Wayanad
Now that was a mighty waterfall, thundering down the hills. We must have trekked for more than 2 hours to reach this place. By the time we reached, I was almost crawling on the ground.
Meenmutty waterfall India
Palaruvi Waterfalls, Kerala

I went on a road trip from Chennai to Kerala and then towards Kanyakumari. This lovely waterfall is somewhere near the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. We stopped by to relax after a long drive.

Palaruvi Waterfalls Kerala India
River Kaveri , Dubare
That was the first time I went for River Rafting. All those living around Bangalore can visit this place if you like adventure sports. Our guide stopped the raft in the middle of our journey and asked us to jump into the water. I didn’t know swimming at that time, but still jumped it, and then kept holding onto the raft for my life. 
river rafting dubare karnataka
Where the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea meets, a view from Vivekanand Rock.
It was such a surreal experience to be at Vivekananda Rock, about which I had been reading about all through school.
vivekananda rock


beautiful waterscapes in India
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