The Smelly Feet Conundrum

For a change I have started wearing socks, which is a relief as all the years of wearing chappals didn’t do any good to my crocodile-soft feet :P . I used to dread trying new footwear in front of shoe-salesman, fearing he might rebuke saying – ye aapke budget ki nahi madam. :P
But a new problem has arisen and I never for the love of god did think that I will have to face it. I fear that might be, just might be, I have smelly feet. Or it can be my leather pumps too. Else I see no reason why my socks smell like Devil’s fart. Having a Crocodile feet is way better that Skunky-feet. Now I dread taking my footwear off in office, even to relax the tired toes, fearing my colleagues might die of asphyxiation.
When you are Googl’ing for stuffs like  “How to wash smelly socks?”, you realize how tough life can be.
Biker is of no help as well. He scoots right out of the room as soon as I take my shoes off. Sigh!! When I thought of equality between men and women, guess I didn’t actually think it through.
So here’s a chance for all of you to save the mankind. Give me tips before people start running away from me.
For the record, drying the shoes with a hair-dryer doesn’t help.

2 thoughts on “The Smelly Feet Conundrum

  1. The smell is because of bacteria. Wash you feet before wearing the shoes. Pat dry (including in between your toes). Sprinkle some baby powder between your toes and feet. Wear a clean sox. Then put your shoes. There are anti bacterial shoes available. You may want to buy them. When you come home in the evening, soak your with a mixture of vinegar and water.

    Please remember all feet smell start between the toes.

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