The Petrol Turnaround

What kind of man forgets to fill petrol in his bike?”, she almost screamed out her frustration.

This was supposed to be a lovely date which had now taken an unpleasant turn. They must have pushed his bike for a mile looking for a petrol station or a shelter to hide from the torrential rain. Her once sleek Jimmy Choo heels were dull and rugged around the edges. She stood under a flyover, drenched and hungry, trying to calm her agitated self while waiting for him. He had hired an auto to go to the nearest station and get some petrol.

No matter how charming she found him, it was this irresponsible behavior that irked her to no end.

20 minutes later, she saw him getting down from the auto and running towards her. And there he stood with a bottle of petrol and a bunch of gorgeous white lilies, mouthing infinite “sorry”. 

I hate you”, she said and then added slowly, “like I love you”, trying in vain to hide her smile.


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***And yes it’s based on a true story

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